Writing Retreats

Tanya Golash-Boza, founder of Get a Life, PhD has been hosting writing retreats for scholars since 2014.

Intellectuals spend countless hours reading, writing, and thinking. Yet, few of us spend much time thinking about how to be better scholars, how it might be possible to think, read, and write more effectively. 

There are specific practices intellectuals can use to enhance our creativity and our productivity. We have designed a workshop that puts these ideas into practice. 

The Creative Connections writing retreat is based on the idea that there are four elements that lead to enhanced creativity: 1) focused writing time; 2) spending time unplugged and in nature; 3) connections via conversations about our work; and 4) meditation and mindfulness activities that enhance focus and allow us to tap into our creative potential. We incorporate these four elements into our writing retreat. 

Please visit this page for details on our 2021 writing retreat to be held in Belize!

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